Colombia El Mirador

Colombia El Mirador


Clean, Clear flavors, and brighter acidity. A truly special delight.

Delivered in 12 oz resealable bag

Tasting notes:

  • Almond

  • Cherry

  • Grape

  • Cocoa

Bean Style:
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Cauca’s best coffee.

Recommended for Drip

Origins: Cauca, Colombia

Finca El Mirador is located in Cauca in southwestern Colombia and is producing some of the region’s best coffee. Tradition is a big part of growing coffee in Colombia and El Mirador follows suit. Washed process, raised drying beds, parabolic drying covers, small fermentation tanks, quality varieties- on paper El Mirador hasn’t done anything unusual, but it’s the details that count. Picking ripe cherries only, turning the coffee often during drying, timing the fermentation perfectly this is how they achieve excellence at Finca El Mirador.