Peru Las Mercedes

Peru Las Mercedes


Clean, Clear flavors, and brighter acidity. A truly special delight.

Delivered in 12 oz resealable bag

Tasting notes:

  • Plum

  • Lemon

  • Honey

  • Plush

Bean Style:
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Flowers in Your Cup.

Recommended for Drip

Origins: Tabaconas, Peru

Las Mercedes is a village in the Tabaconas district, which is home to a large number of coffee producing families. This lot is made of coffee from four different producers in Las Mercedes who have farms around 1800 m in altitude. These farms are mostly planted with the Caturra variety, and each producer picks and processes their coffee themselves before drying the coffee at their house on either raised beds or lined patios.

Culitvar / Variety

Typica is the base from which many coffee varieties have been developed. Like the other Coffea Arabica varieties that have been developed from it, Typica coffee plants have a conical shape with a main vertical trunk and secondary verticals that grow at a slight slant. Typica coffee yields a low production but excellent cup quality. Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon discovered in Brazil. It yields high production and good quality but requires extensive care and fertilization. At higher altitudes quality increases, but production decreases. Bourbon is named after the island where it was discovered which is now called Reunion Island. It is one of two main cultivars of Arabica and is known for high quality but low to moderate production yields.