Honduras San Carlos

Honduras San Carlos


Clean, Clear flavors, and brighter acidity. A truly special delight.

Delivered in 12 oz resealable bag

Tasting notes:

  • Almond

  • Grape

  • Cocoa

  • Stone fruit

Bean Style:
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Flowers in Your Cup.

Recommended for Drip

Origins: Costa Rica

Cerro San Luis Micromill is a family business, run by two sisters and their husbands, who own and operate both farms and a small mill in Grecia, in the West Valley. The family's farms are adjacent to one another,  but the plots are given separate names for lot separation purposes,  and the mill is located at the family home, just a few miles away. After harvesting, the cherry is brought right to the family home, where they are able to do a variety of different processes including washed, honey and natural. As is common at mills in Costa Rica, at Cerro San Luis the type of honey is decided by how much mucilage is left on the coffee after depulping.

Culitvar / Variety

Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon discovered in Brazil.  It yields high production and good quality but requires extensive care and fertilization. At higher altitudes quality increases, but production decreases.  Red is the most common but Yellow and Purple varieties are also grown which will have slightly different flavor characteristics.