Casablanca - Panama


Origin: Boquete, Panama

Process: Anaerobic Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Hibiscus, Plum

Roast: Light

Enrique Pretel is a 77-year-old coffee producer in Boquete. His farm is six hectares in size, currently cultivating 7,000 coffee trees. He has had the property for a total of 12 years, with eight of them devoted almost exclusively to coffee production. Enrique sees the potential value in coffee as a means of economic stability and employs up to 10 people in the area to ensure the highest quality cherry. He thinks that art and coffee are the perfect combinations to keep youth interested in the industry. When asked what color he identifies his coffee with, he responded purple, like a perfectly ripened coffee cherry.


Casablanca is a unique cup, very fruited with mild acidity and lots of natural sweetness. In the cup, we taste notes of black cherry, hibiscus, plum and other red fruits.


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