La Salina - Peru


Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Honey, Plum, Almond
Roast: Light

Tomas Fernandez Ramirez owns the 1.5-hectare farm called La Salina, where he grows Caturra in rich clay soil. While this farm is relatively young, the coffees he has been producing have exceptional quality. The coffees are picked ripe and de-pulped throughout the night, after which they are fermented dry for about 25 hours, give or take. In general, Tomas washes the coffee three times before it's dried for about 25 days.

In our opinion, Peru is the most underrated coffee origin in South America. Often overshadowed by its neighbor Colombia, Peru is home to some excellent coffee producers. A little milder than a typical Colombian coffee, La Salina is complex, full of character, with light fruit notes and pleasant acidity.

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