Las Palmeras - Honduras


Origin: La Paz, Honduras

Process: Anaerobic Natural Process

Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape

Roast: Light

Maria Mancia owns Las Palmeras, a 7.8 hectare farm over 40,000 Parainema trees. After harvest, the coffee is immediately dry fermented anaerobically, breaking down the mucilage slowly. A brix reading is taken after 100 hours of fermenting to measure and record sugar content. The coffee is then dried for a month, starting on a patio and finishing in a solar dryer. The slow fermentation and drying accentuate the sweetness and acidity of the coffee she produces.

This type of fruity profile is something new for Honduras. Las Palmeras grows a high quality cultivar called Parainema and anaerobically ferments the cherries before continuing with a typical natural process. The result is an intense, fruit-forward flavor profile with some savory undertones.

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