Loma Alta - Peru


Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Meyer Lemon, Cherry, Black Tea
Roast: Light


Ricardo Carrasco owns and operates Finca Loma Alta, a 1.25 hectare farm of which 1 hectare is planted with about 4,000 coffee plants. Located in the Santa Rosa town of the Huabal municipality, this farm has sandy, loamy soil, and a tropical climate. During harvest, only the ripest of cherries are selected for processing and depulped on the same day. Once depulped, the coffee is fermented without water for an average period of 18-24 hours and then fully washed 3 times with clean, spring water. 


Loma Alta is a dynamic and complex cup while still retaining approachability and balance. This coffee has delicate notes that would be lost if we roasted it darker, so we chose a roast level that would retain those delicate flavors while still boasting solid sweetness.

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