Mutitu - Kenya


Kirinyaga, Kenya

Process: Washed

Cultivar(s): Batian, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11

Tasting Notes: Lime, Blackberry, Rhubarb

Roast: Light

Mutitu factory was started in 1963 and it lies on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya, in the Kirinyaga region. The mill is used by small-hold farmers in the area and is located in Kathekiini location. There are 1250 members who deliver coffee cherries to the Mutitu factory who each have on average around ½ acre of land with roughly 200 trees for coffee growing alongside macadamia, beans and corn.

Vibrant citrus acidity, intense flavors and hints of umami all contribute to complexity and nuance in this classic washed process lot from the mountains of Kenya.

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