San Roque - Costa Rica


Origin: West Valley, Costa Rica

Process: Honey

Variety: SL-28

Tasting Notes: Green Grape, Apricot, Lime

Roast: Light

The Aguileras are a family of 12 brothers and sisters who are second-generation coffee producers in the West Valley. Their father was one of the first coffee growers in the area, and planted his farm 70 years ago: Neighboring farmers warned him that coffee wouldn't grow there, but now the area is rich with coffee lands. His children, the Aguilera Brothers, work together to produce coffee: Most of the siblings own farmland, and they comanage the micromill they installed with the earnings from their fourth-place Cup of Excellence win in 2007.

The first time we taste a coffee, we taste “blindly” so we’re not influenced by information or prices. At first, we thought San Roque was an African coffee, but it turns out that it’s SL-28 which is a variety widely used in Kenya. Combine that with honey process and the terroir of Costa Rica and you get a stellar cup that is juicy, slightly tart, lots of fruit tones and bright acidity.

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