Decaf Juan Tama - Colombia


Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Process: Washed 

Decaf Method: EA Sugarcane

Tasting Notes: Hibiscus, Mandarin, Cream

Roast: Medium Light

The Association of Authorities of the Territorial Council of Indigenous Peoples Juan Tama-Inzá represents eight indigenous communities - more than 600 specialty coffee-producing families - in the municipality of Inzá, Cauca, Colombia. While nearly 20% of the producers are certified organic, the entire organization is committed to the practices and values of organic farm management - forgoing the use of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, and limiting the use of synthetic fertilizers.

The process for decaffeination begins with sugar cane that is turned into molasses. The molasses is then fermented to create ethanol and processed with acetic acid to create the ethyl acetate that will be used in the extraction of caffeine.

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