Camomila - Brazil


Cerrado, Brazil

Process: Pulped Natural

Cultivar(s): Catuai

Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, Apple, Salted Caramel

Roast: Light

The Naimeg family are true pioneers that helped pave the way for the Cerrado Mineiro region. Their story began as another family in southern Brazil seeking better coffee planting opportunities after Gerson Naimeg, the family patriarch, endured harsh frosts and diminished crops for multiple years. The family has grown and since then has taken over the Londrina, Pântano and Ouro Verde farms producing very memorable coffees on a total of 350 hectares cultivated

Brazil, although the largest producer of coffee, can be overlooked in today’s specialty coffee market. Not as vibrant as Kenyan coffee, not as fruity as natural process Ethiopian coffee, but Brazilian coffee has something others often lack and that’s balance. Camomila is balanced, subtle, an easy to enjoy cup. It’s a mellow and refined cup, and that’s what we appreciate about it.

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