Emilio Garcia Carrero - Peru


Emilio Garcia Carrero

Cajamarca, Peru

Washed Process

Nougat, Fig, Grape

Emilio Garcia Carrero is the owner of 2 hectares of land in Ozurco, Huarango district.  Emilio has planted the land with a mix of caturra, bourbon, typica and castillo.  Previously the farm was entirely planted with typica, but over the years Emilio renovated with different varieties. Emilio picks most of his coffee himself and with the help of his family, but also hires some seasonal workers to help him.  Once picked, the coffee is processed on a small hand pulper and fermented for around 24 hours before being washed and placed on tarpaulin drying mats. Drying takes around 7 to 10 days.

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