Las Flores - Honduras


Origin: La Paz, Honduras

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Red Grape, Plum, Hazelnut

Roast: Light

Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez owns several farms in La Paz, Marcala, including a small farm called Las Flores. He not only works with his family on his own farms, but he also sources coffee from his neighbors, paying them considerably higher than they would get otherwise from intermediary buyers. He grows Red Caturra on the farm and has about 18,000 coffee trees. After picking, the cherry is depulped the same day, dry fermented in tanks for 18 hours, washed three times, and dried on raised beds for 12–15 days on average. 

Honduras has been through some tough times in the coffee industry and have just come out of a decade long battle with a fungus that attacks coffee plants. Thankfully they have returned to their former glory and small farms like Las Flores are producing some excellent coffee. This is a very classic Central American profile with mild fruit, a little nuttiness, solid sweetness and balanced acidity.

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