Sowden SoftBrew Standard


The Sowden SoftBrew is made up of three easy to clean parts: a high-quality porcelain pot, the SoftBrew™ Coffee filter, and a contrasting polypropylene lid.

Also known as immersion brewing, the purpose of the SoftBrew™ filter is to keep the ground beans separated from the water. Thousands of microscopic holes allow the water to flow and take up the taste without over filtering whilst allowing some ‘fines’ to filter through to the coffee giving the typical ‘body’ of an excellent brew. The method is simple: place the filter in the porcelain pot, put coffee into the filter, and pour hot water over the coffee - that’s it!

Item: SA002
Size: 19 x 12.5 x 14cm
Capacity: Max 0.85L - 28.7oz

Click here for more info about brewing with the SoftBrew at home.

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