Hario "Largo" Tea Dripper Stand Set


The Largo Tea Dripper Stand Set is designed with a round pot with maximum space for the tea leaves to move and extract freely. This pot gives you the ability to drain the entire contents of your brew to achieve optimum balance in your tea without worrying about over-extraction. Simply add your favorite loose leaf tea and add hot water. When you are ready to pour out the brewed tea, flip the switch to decant. This set comes complete with a Largo Tea Dripper, Server, and Stand.

Item Number: TDR-8006T
Size: W170 × D134 × H309mm
Capacity: Practical Capacity 800ml

Lid: AS Resin
Glass Bowl, Server: Heatproof Glass
Inner Holder, Base, Drip Tray, Antislip Stickers: Silicone Rubber
Filter, Inner Holder (Stainless Steel Ball): Stainless Steel
Switch: Polypropylene
Stand: Polymethyl Methacrylate

Dripper/ Server: Made in Japan
Stand: Made in China

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