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La Esperanza - Colombia

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Origin: Huila, Colombia
Process: Washed Process
Tasting Notes: Cherry, Tangerine, Tropical
Roast: Light

In the heart of Colombia's southwestern region lies La Esperanza, a 3-hectare farm owned by the dedicated Carlos Cerquera. Here, meticulous attention to detail followed by a rigorous approach defines the process. Harvesting is an art, with cherries selected only when they reach the precise 22° brix (brix - a measure of the dissolved solids in a liquid). After careful sorting, the coffee undergoes a 40-hour fermentation in a hopper, followed by another 40 hours in a tank to remove mucilage. The coffee then undergoes a 14-day drying journey in a greenhouse, rotated every two hours for consistent moisture release.

This juicy, washed process red bourbon variety hails from Carlos Cerquera’s La Esperanza farm. Our aim in roasting is to balance its complex acidity and fruit tones with its inherent sweetness.

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La Esperanza - Colombia
La Esperanza - Colombia Sale price$21.50